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2015 "Luna Bar" directed by Spyros Michalopoulos 

2012 “ Block 12 ” directed by Kiriakos Tofarides

2011 “J.A.C.E.” directed by Menelaos Karamaggiolis

2011 “Desma aimatos” ( Blood Ties) directed by Nikos Panayotopoulos

2010  “Ta oporofora tis Athinas” directed by Nikos Panayotopoulos
2003  ‘’Nyfes’’   ( Brides) directed by Pantelis Voulgaris (worked in part of the film)

1999 ‘’Toutes les femmes sont des déesses’’ directed by Marion Sarraut

1997 ‘’Ola einai dromos’’  (It’s a long road) directed by Pantelis Voulgaris

1996 ‘’ O Ergenis’’  (The bachelor) directed by Nikos Panayotopoulos

1992 ‘’Onirevomai tous filous mou”  ( I dream of my friends) directed by Nikos Panayotopoulos


Short Films:

2024 "Magdalena Hausen: Frozen Time" directed by Yannis Karpouzis

2024 "Abel" directed by Konstantinos Karamaghiolis (post production)

2023 "Wings" directed by Fivos Imellos 

2023 "If I tell you my Memories" directed by Maria-Elena Mitrodima 

2021  "First Swim" directed by Alexandros Kostopoulos

2021  "Soul all Unaccompanied" directed by Yorgos Teltzidis 

2021  "Man Wanted" directed by Irida Zhonga (post production)

2020  "The Meaning of August" directed by Manos Papadakis

2019  "The Weight of the Sea" directed by Kostis Alevizos 

2019  "In the Room" directed by Yeorgia Sotirhou 

2019  "Athens-Stockholm" directed by Anastasia Sima 

2019  "Off Guard" directed by Daina Papadaki 

2018  "The sacrifice of the Ant" Directed by Fotis Molyndris

2018  "Refuge" directed by Federico Spiazzi

2017 "Fragma" (Dam) by directed Yorgos Teltzidis

2016 "Pink" directed by Memi Koupa

2015 "Mad Dogs" directed by Danae Papaioannou

2014  "Lefko sentoni" (White Sheet) directed by Sonia-Lisa Kenterman

2013  “Travel express” directed by Natassa Xydi

2012   “Anonymous” directed by Dinos Panagokos

2008  “Styx” directed by Alexia Roider

2000  ‘’Ta psaria tis Frikis’’ (Fishes of Horror) directed by A.Kourteridis

1989  ‘’Kodikos 613’’ (613 Code)  directed by  S.Xouliaras

1989  "Romeo ton syskevon" directed by Nikos Soulis


2018 "Anatol" directed by Giannis Vouros

2017 "O Sigrafeas sou pethane"  directed by Aspa Kaliani

2014 " To Timima" from National Theatre of Northern Greece directed Aspa Kalliani

2013 " ENA" directed by S. Miichalopoulos

1996 ‘’ Liliom’’ from the Stratos Tzortzoglou directed by An.Manolikakis

1994 ‘’Me dynami apo tin Kifisia’’  from Nea Skini  directed by L.Boyatzis.

The commercial films in which he has participation as a Director of Photography are over 3000.
Globally he has worked in Greek and foreign/ other productions in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Member of the European Film Academy (EFA)

Member of the Hellenic Film Academy (HFA)

Founding member of the Greek Society of Cinematographers ( GSC) 

2008: Award of Best Cinematographer at Monaco International Film Festival for short film “Styx”

2016: Award of Best Cinematographer at isffc for short film "Mad Dogs"

2019: Award of Best Cinematographer at 42th Short Film Festival in Drama for short film "The Weight of the Sea"

Cinematographer George Frentzos / GSC discusses with Olga Kalogirou and Akis Loukas about movie.

Light (Φως)

A short documentary on the art of Cinematography, featuring three highly acclaimed Greek Cinematographers: George Frentzos / GSC, Dimitris Theodoropoulos / GSC, Kostas Stamoulis / GSC.

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